SWM Kickers FAQ – Coronavirus Situation 

(most recent update: 5/13/2020)

1) When will SWM Kickers resume team soccer activities?
SWM Kickers follow the guidance from the State of Michigan and Michigan State Youth Soccer Association. MSYSA is suspending all of our soccer activities, all MSYSA sanctioned tournaments, and all MSYSA affiliated activities through May 31, 2020. Thus, our new return-to-play date is now June 1, 2020. 

2) If soccer can resume, how does SWM Kickers intend to uphold social distancing, participants (players, coaches, spectators) may be a minimum of 6 feet apart at all times?
This has not been determined at this time. SWM Kickers will look for guidance from State of Michigan and Michigan State Youth Soccer Association 

3) How will the SWM Kickers address Personal Protective Equipment for players, such as wearing masks or gloves on the soccer field?
This has not been determined as a requirement at this time. As we learn more about what it means to resume soccer team activities this question may need to be addressed. 

4) If the SWM Kickers decides to move forward with practices, tournaments and games will players that do not participate be put at a disadvantage moving into next season?
No. SWM Kickers understands the decision to participate during this time needs to be subjective and based on many factors. SWM Kickers coaches will be advised to be sensitive and accepting to personal decisions related to engaging back onto soccer team activities. 

5) Many families are being hit with extraordinary financial challenges right now that may mean a hotel stay is prohibitive. Would the SWM Kickers consider cancelling travel tournaments and simply having a local summer games (assuming all social distancing measures can be upheld) so that families do not feel the extra financial pressure at this time?
This would be a team/coach decision based on parent input to the coach. SWM Kickers will not force teams to participate in travel tournaments. Furthermore, parents should not be pressured by the coach to allow their child to play if the team decision is to participate. SWM Kickers coaches will be advised to be sensitive and accepting to personal decisions related to engaging back onto soccer team activities. 

6) Will SWM Kickers require all teams to follow a club directive on playing soccer this spring / summer when it is viewed as safe by MI Governor and MSYSA?
No. This will be a coach and individual team choice. It is also an individual parent choice regardless of what the coach/team decides. SWM Kickers realizes parents/players registered for Fall and Spring soccer with a limited opportunity to play winter Indoor. Coaches and Parents need to respect each other’s decisions related to playing soccer into the summer. 

7) Is there going to be a refund since there are no spring WMYSA or MSPSP league games?
SWM Kickers will be providing refunds in an amount equivalent to any expenses that did not incur this spring. The exact amount of the spring refund will be determined after the decision for return to play in May is decided.
SWM Kickers will offer a refund in two ways: 1. Credit for the next season registration fee. (preferred) or 2. Individual refunds provided in the form of a check. SWM will also allow for the refund to be donated to the SWM Kickers 501c3 charitable nonprofit corporation and used for player scholarships.
Updated 5/13: The SWM Board has determined the refund as a result of the spring season being canceled. SWM Kickers will be providing a SWM Parent communication around May 18th providing more specifics on refunds and then an individual email to each different group that has a different refund. 

8) Is there a change in parent refund for spring soccer if a team chooses to play in a spring/summer tournament?
Yes. Each parent in SWM Kickers for full year teams will be getting the same percentage refund for spring soccer suspension. If after suspension is removed a team chooses to play in a tournament then the average cost of a tournament will be reduced proportionally from per player refunds. 

9) If a team/coach chooses to play in a tournament, after soccer suspension is removed, and a parent decides not to have her/his player participate do they get the full spring season refund?
No. If the team/coach decides to play in a tournament all the rostered players to that team will have their refund reduced their share of the average tournament cost. 

10) Are there local tournaments in the area that do not require hotel reservations that are still currently on the MSYSA sanctioned tournament calendar?
Updated 4/30: No MSYSA tournaments are currently sanctioned in our area. ISYA has sanctioned Jr Irish Fresh Air MDI Jun 27-28. This tournament is allowable for our teams if MSYSA has indicated soccer can resume. Currently the MSYSA resume date is June 1. The MSYSA resume date is dependent on what the Michigan Governor guidance is for after May 30th. 

11) Will we be able to use the fields at Rockey Weed, St Joe Kickers, and Kohn-Lehmann Complex when soccer suspension is over?
Rockey Weed has confirmed fields will be able to be used. 

12) If players/teams were to participate in some version of a “spring/summer” season, how will that impact fees? Will there be additional fees required to compensate for the situation? Will SWM cover these fees?
There would be no additional fee. The amount of per player refund will depend on what form spring/summer season, matches, or scrimmages the Coach/Team are interested in having. SWM Kickers will not require teams/players to participate in a spring /summer soccer activity. 

13) When will tryouts for the 2020/2021 season be held?
There will be no In-Person Tryouts for the next season teams.  The no in-person Tryout Signup will start May 25. The existing players will be able to commit, sign, and register the second week of June. New players will be able to commit, sign, ad register starting June 13th. SWM Kickers will be providing a SWM Parent communication around May 18th providing specifics on no in-person tryout & team formation process. 

14) Will coaches be required to have summer team soccer activities?
Updated 4/30: No. Similar to, it is a parent decision to decide if it is the right time for the player to play, it is each coach’s decision if it is right to have summer soccer activities or he/her is even available to coach summer soccer. SWM Kickers encourages coaches to combine teams for summer soccer especially if one team coach isn’t having summer soccer. 

15) When teams are allowed to begin soccer activities can teams combine for training, scrimmage, and friendlies?
Updated 4/30: Yes. When teams start training it will be an optional activity and some parents/players may not be ready or available to train so combining teams is a good way to let everyone who wants to train to have the opportunity. 

16) If your coach/team decides that there are not enough of the team players interested in playing summer soccer is there any opportunity for those players wanting to play?
Updated 4/30: SWM Kickers encourages coaches to work together or combine teams for summer soccer. Therefore, contact your coach to find alternative opportunities for you player. 

17) If a team decides to cancel out of a tournament even though the tournament is planning to go forward and won’t refund the team money will the parents get the full spring refund?
Updated 4/30: SWM Board will make a decision if this occurs. 

18) If a SWM Kickers does not get a full refund for the canceled tournament will the teams for this tournament still get the full SWM Kicker spring refund?
Updated 5/13: SWM Board decided to provide the same spring refund for all teams regardless of specific tournament refund decisions. 

19) Will Player Transfers within the club from one team to another be allowed after players are placed on a team but before the season starts?
Updated 5/13: Player transfers are allowed in WMYSA but normally not encouraged. This year with No In-Person Tryouts it will be more difficult to decide the placement of players on teams. Therefore, there may present a situation where a transfer is in the best interest of all parties (specifically the player). The coach may request a player transfer after the teams have trained a few times. The transfer will need to be approved by Parent and SWM before allowed. Player transfer will be used extremely sparingly as this is not the primary directive of this year’s no-tryout philosophy. 

20) What is a Player Club Passing?
Updated 5/13: Player Club Passing is a process that allows a player to play up from the team they are rostered on. Play up means a) player on a 20xx White team can play on the 20xx Blue team, b) player on a younger team can play on a team 1 or 2 years older. Player club passing can be used to provide development opportunities to several players during a season. Player club passing can also be used to allow two teams to be formed when the total numbers of players are not sufficient for forming two independent teams. 

21) The email indicating to parents that we can apply the spring refund as a credit for 2020-2021 registration implied to me that my player would be on a SWM team this coming season. Is this correct? I want my credit applied to her same team registration. Do indicate this when I register my player in GotSoccer or Team Snap?
Updated 5/13: Parents will be provided the option to take a credit for registration done in GotSoccer (preferred by SWM) or request a check refund for the spring refund. All existing players will be provided a spot on a SWM Kickers team before any new players are offered a spot on the team. If there are not enough players to form the team your player is selected for then the refund in the form of a check will be mailed to the parent. 

22) How do existing player parents encourage new players to sign up?
Updated 5/13: Existing player parents will be provided SWM Kickers Tryout Sign Up and Team Formation Flyer via Facebook and Email. Parents will be encouraged to share this information via social media, emails to acquaintances with soccer age children, and telling friends via phone calls or virtual meetings. We will not be handing out physical flyers at schools this year, so the parent help is really needed this year to get new players the information. All existing players will be provided a spot on a SWM Kickers team before any new players are offered a spot on the team. Therefore, encouraging everyone you know to consider SWM Kickers soccer will only increase the chances of having sufficient players to form teams and will not impact your player being on a SWM team.

23) When MSYSA communicates it is safe to play soccer activities will the coach be covered by liability and player covered by secondary medical insurance?
Updated 5/13: Yes. Based on challenges related to COVID-19, MSYSA’s insurance carrier is extending some flexibility this year on coverage of our players/team officials. Typically, coverage for the 2020-2021 seasons would not normally start until closer to the fall. However, our carrier has relayed that they will provide coverage as early as June 1, or whenever it is deemed safe to return-to-play (whichever is later) for the 20-21 

If you have a question please email swmkickers.pr@gmail.com or use SWM website Contact link.