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The SWM Academy is designed to enhance development of U7/U8 age players. It is intended for those young players who are interested in advanced training and their parents recognize that the academy structure is more appropriate than “select” team win/loss records at this age.

SWM Kickers Academy

2022/2023 Season
Birth Years 2015 and 2016

Fees for Academy:


WMYSA and SWM Expects Encouraging and Supportive Fan Behavior:
The Academy is a developmental program with no score or standings kept. The purpose is for the players to develop soccer specific technical skills while having fun in a positive learning environment. The parents and grandparents on the sidelines are very important to this fun environment and are welcomed and encouraged to attend both practices and Jamborees. The players love to have their family there to cheer them on. Young players need to love the game first. PLEASE BE POSITIVE AT ALL TIMES. WMYSA Academy Rules/Regulations Currently In Place
  1. U8 age appropriate players can be registered on U9 team or U8 Academy but not both. But the U8 players in the Academy can Player Pass play on U9 teams.  SWM does require “Permission to Play-Up Forms” to be approved by the SWM Director of Coaching for this age group.
  2. U7 age appropriate players can only participate in the Academy. No “play-up” requests will be allowed and no player pass is allowed.
  3. No U6 players allowed in academy.
  4. Girls and boys would practice/train together. There is no separate academy for boys and girls. SWM Academy does train the boys and a girl in separate groups but establishes co-ed teams for Jamborees.
  5. Jamborees will be on Sundays only. (This will allow academy members to continue to participate in local recreational soccer leagues if they desire or to player pass (if U8 player) on a match on Saturday)
  6. Playing Format 4v4 without keepers. Ball used is a size 3.
  7. Minimum Academy Size: 6 players (needed to be invited to Jamboree)
  8. Maximum Academy Size: No limit to number of players at this time
  9. Practice Limitations: No more than two per week  SWM Academy training is normally held on Tuesdays from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm at the Kohn Lehmann Soccer complex.
  10. Hosting club is expected to provide assistance if requested by the Academy director in either mini field set up or obtaining volunteer match referees for the Jamboree at their field. Certified referees are not required (per USYSA guidance for U8 play).
  11. Club academy head coach must be experienced and licensed. No grace period to attain licensing
  12. No league standings/statistics kept or published.
  13. Player registration fee is $125. This is an annual fee for fall and spring participation.
  14. Fall Academy preliminary commitment date is June 15th -August 1; Academy Registration fees due by August 1st ; Players can be registered (added) during season with only a $15 late fee starting August 1st.
Jamboree Format & Rules
1. All academy teams play round-robin on small sized fields
2. Number of games (play 2 or 3 20-minute games with 5-10 min break to switch fields/teams)
3. Restart for ball out of bounds – Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks
4. No keepers. Size 3 ball.
5. Fouls – USYSA Small Sided Games guidance available – all kicks are direct free kicks
6. Restarts – USYSA Small Sided Games guidance available – normal policy per USYSA
7. Substitutions – USYSA Small Sided Games guidance available – Unlimited at any stoppage.
8. Field size will be determined. It will be approximately 30 x 25 yards. We need to get 4 fields per one full sized field. We will use small pop-up (PUGG) style goals or regulation 4’ x 6’ goals.
WMYSA Recommendations:
  1. There should be a registered coach for each 8 Academy players.  SWM works to have a coach-to-player ratio of 1:6.
  2. Each academy should have one practice a week, but not more than twice per week. SWM Academy training is normally held on Tuesdays from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm at the Kohn Lehmann Soccer complex.
  3. Parent education about the Academy concept, player development, parent behavior provided by club. WMYSA may assist in developing package that all clubs could use as basis.
  4. Clubs may set up additional academy vs. academy matches if desired. This would be coordinated by clubs, not WMYSA.
  5. Host location club assists WMYSA on Jamboree set up.

Southwest Michigan Soccer Club, Inc.  PO Box 494  Stevensville, MI 49127