Play Up Request Link

It is best if players create their accounts in GotSport and sign up for tryouts before completing this.

Who Should Play Up an Age Level?

  • Current U7 players who have completed a year of Academy and want to request to play on the U9 team next year.  **Note: any player playing up on a U9 team will remain in U9 for 2 years.  They will not be allowed to advance to U10 the following year.
  • Current U9-U13 players who would like to request to play up one age group.  **Note: This is more of an exception than a rule.  Players must demonstrate a level of play higher than their current age group and current coaches need to assess them as likely being in the top half of older age group to be approved for play up tryout.  The age group above team coach will determine at tryout if this is the case before a position playing up will be offered.
  • High School players do not have to request to play up because most teams are made up of multiple age groups.
  • Current U8 players playing on a U9 team cannot request to play up on U10 next year.