Each year, the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) Board of Directors designates six college scholarship recipients to receive the MSPSP College Scholarship. This recognition is rewarded to six individuals for their positive involvement in their community, the classroom, and the soccer field but not just as a player – but perhaps as a referee, coach, volunteer, mentor, or a in position that led to impacting others in a positive way. These individuals are chosen for their exemplary character amongst their dedication in the classroom.”

Congratulations to our 2021 MSPSP College Scholarship Recipients!
Evie Clare (Southwest MI Kickers) – MI Lutheran High School

SWM Kickers Financial Aid Scholarship:

SWM Kickers continues to provide financial aid scholarship to help make soccer available to those with financial needs. Donations to this scholarship can be made by SWM members when they register their players annually.

Financial Aid/Scholarship Guidelines:

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Financial Aid/Scholarship Application:

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