SWM Kickers Scholarship in Memory of
Dave Piersma, April 11, 1957 – Aug. 13, 2020


SWM Kickers has created a scholarship fund for any member whose family has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 or an unexpected tragedy. Dave Piermsa was an active SWM Kicker player parent. He supported his son and their team for several years. His most cherished time was spending it with his family and watching his son play sports. Rhoda Chundama Piersma, Dave’s wife, supports this scholarship being formed in her husband’s name to help others experiencing a time of hardship.

Memorial contributions to this SWM SC nonprofit Dave Piersma scholarship fund may be made by clicking on link below:
Player Parents Click Here to Donate

Coaches Click Here to Donate

SWM will be accepting donations for 45 days then depending on money donated SWM will decide how much to provide per scholarship.  Dave Piersma Memorial Scholarship can be applied for starting October 1, 2020.  Scholarship guidelines and application will be posted to website in September.

Piersma Memorial Scholarship Guidelines:  to be provided in September
Piersma Memorial Scholarship Application: to be provided in September

SWM Kickers Financial Aid Scholarship:

SWM Kickers continues to provide financial aid scholarship to help make soccer available to those with financial needs. Donations to this scholarship can be made by SWM members when they register their players annually.

Financial Aid/Scholarship Guidelines:

Click to access swm_scholarship_guidelines.pdf

Financial Aid/Scholarship Application:

Click to access swm_scholarship_application.pdf