President                                                   Vice-President of Team Administration
Vacant                                                                   Kelly Jeske

Director of Coaching                              Director of Player Recruitment & Development
Vacant                                                                   Jayme Cox, USSF D Licensed

Registrar                                                     Treasurer
Pattie Warren                                                       Chistine Hein

Parent Representative                            Secretary
Vacant                                                           Vacant

At-Large Members (non-voting)
Brian Samuel

Uniform Coordinator
Julie Samuel

Public Relations & Communications Coordinator

Facility and Field Coordinator
Gil Urban  USSF E License

Fundraising Coordinator
Kim Fordham

Referee Liason (non-voting)
Gil Urban USSF E License

Anyone is welcome to attend a monthly board meeting.  Contact a board member to learn the date, time and location.
Southwest Michigan Soccer Club, Inc.
PO Box 494 

Stevensville, MI 49127